University Digital Conservancy passes the 20,000 item mark

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As of September 1 2011, the UDC includes a total of 20,194 full-text-searchable titles.  To celebrate this milestone, we put together some approximate numbers that express growth rate and use over the last few years. 
Approximate item count at June 1 of each year:

2009: 9,000 items total
2010: 14,000 items total
2011: 18,000 items total
Download rates, indicating legitimate uses of UDC content (gaming and robot downloads excluded) for May 30th - June 1 of each year:

2008-2009: 142,601
2009-2010: 249,420
2010-11: 476,539
Congratulations to everyone who has contributed to the success of the UDC!
-- Beth Kaplan and Lisa Johnston, UDC Co-directors

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