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Do you know of a department at the U of M celebrating a centennial or other special anniversary? Information about its history can help you mark the event. Perhaps you didn't know the UDC has hundreds of U Archives documents online for your reading pleasure!

Tip: Go to the University Archives collection in UDC and enter the department name in quotes in the search box (e.g. "Department of Chicano Studies"). The UDC is full-text indexed - this means you will get a list of results for all documents that contain the phrase you searched. For the example "Department of Chicano Studies", you can see results dating back to 1972, when the department was founded. Pretty neat!


How to View Statistics in UDC

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One of the many useful tools found on our Wiki in the Recruitment Toolkit for Libraries staff is this short screencast showing how to view statistics in the UDC. Any visitor to the University Digital Conservancy can follow the simple steps seen in the video and see monthly download statistics for a collection or individual item. Try it!


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