How do I add my UROP poster or paper to the University Digital Conservancy (UDC)?

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Are you a student who created a UROP poster or paper? Read the FAQ below, and be sure to bookmark this link to it:

Plus, here is a link to view the UDC collection Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)

FAQ: How do I add my UROP poster or paper to the University Digital Conservancy (UDC)?


The University of Minnesota's Digital Conservancy (UDC) provides a permanent home for your Undergraduate Research poster or paper.

Adding your work to the UDC offers many advantages including the following:

  • A link in your portfolio: You'll have a permanent digital copy of your work, with a link to use in your résumé, C.V., or future school applications.
  • Visibility: When people 'google' you, your research work will appear high in the search results, because UDC items have higher search engine rankings.
  • Your work will be a valuable resource for future U of M students.

How to add your work to the UDC.

  • Discuss your plans to add your work to the UDC with your research adviser as well as any authors you reference in your work.
  • Read the agreement.
  • Sign it and fill in the requested information.
  • Send the form (scanned image or by campus mail) to
  • Email your poster or paper file to, along with the following information:
    • Authors
    • Your college, department, and/or research center / lab
    • Your faculty adviser's name
    • Grant numbers or sponsor information, if applicable
    • An abstract (optional). An abstract is a summary of your poster or paper of no more than 500 words.
  • We'll upload your form to the UDC, and send you and the UROP office a confirmation email with a permanent link to your work.

Find out more about the University Digital Conservancy or watch a short video on how to track your work's download stats.

Contact us with any additional questions.

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