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From UDC's Humble Intern

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Hello! My name is Kevin Cunningham, and I have the honor and privilege to serve an internship/practicum at the U's Digital Conservancy during the summer of 2012. I am currently completing my MLS at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where I have focused my studies on academic and digital libraries. A recovering Luddite, I am fascinated by the intersection of traditional librarianship and the digital explosion of the 21st century. I've also long been obsessed with the scholarly process, and I have a strong interest in helping scholars maximize the research tools at their disposal. During my internship, I will be performing a range of duties, from scanning and uploading documents to the UDC, to creating a data management plan workshop. I have already completed almost a quarter of my required hours, and it seems like I've barely gotten started. Looking forward to the rest of the summer!

1.5 million downloads

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The month of April recorded 74,246 downloads from the UDC, our highest number for a single month, and put our overall download count since January of 2008 at 1,515,952!

Major collections that recorded high download statistics for the month of April include Dissertations & Theses (27,655 downloads), University Archives (14,826 downloads), and the Minnesota Geological Survey (5,595 downloads).

Monthly total downloads across the UDC continue a strong upward trend.



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