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Cassandra Udovich
DIGI (cation) & Google

I stumbled upon a digital media tool called "Digication". This e-portfolio is similar to a blog. Digication is combined with Google to create an interactive learning space with students and the instructor. This website can also provide an outlet for an individuals by uploading audio, video, photography and inspired content to their virtual sketchbook. Group discussions, projects, and goals can be produced on the site as well.
What I find neat about Digication is that there is a feature where students can compare each other's work through the data uploaded online. Depending on the privacy settings, these images can be made public or just stay within the class. There is a personal, classroom, school & district, and an assessment package, which makes comparing and commenting on work a breeze. Unfortunately this program has a fee of $35 a year for instructors, and $19 a year for students. I still believe that this is a valuable tool that may get students looking at one another's work in a more constructive way.
As a student, if I were to have this resource in class I would be thrilled. If there was a new way for me to participate in critique I would be interested to get that feedback. More often than not I feel like when I participate in a critique, in class, I don't always get the amount of feedback I'm looking for. A pattern common in online classes is that there's a wall that's broken down, and students are more upfront with their opinions.


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Interesting site Cassie. Although this does cost money I think it could be done in multiple other ways. I think it would be really fascinating to have an online critique.

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