Digital media in the classroom

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1. Although I found a lot of interesting information in this article, I think there's a lot to be said for students to have skills with digital cameras. In my opinion digital cameras have put hands on photography a lot more accessible to kids. With the right software kids would be able to manipulate pictures in new ways, along with traditional hands on effects. Digital cameras are a great way for a non-technical student to get their "feet wet" and get out in the community as well.
2. If I were to use digital cameras in the classroom I would have them create a visual scavenger hunt. It would be a really fun project in a city like Duluth given the diversity of the land, if each student were to take a handful of pictures within their community. Students could guess where the pictures were taken, and as a final group project a large scale map could be produced. This map could show the differences from East and West Duluth, those that like in town and also students that live in a rural setting.

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You are correct about how much more accessible photography is with digital cameras. Yong kids can now really start to learn about Photography and photo editing.

I love the idea of the scavenger hunt. Having the images posted then on a map would be a really nice visual in the classroom. Hope you do this someday in your classroom.

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