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This week I discovered a great online tool for art education. EBSCO hosts an online data base where students, and teachers can view hundreds of images, concepts, architecture, publications, video clips, etc. I was impressed with the vast amount of information that was available on one site. From the "Colleges and Universities" tab, I was able to narrow down my search to specifically art. Once I got onto the page I could choose from Art & Architecture, Art Abstracts, Art Index, and a special feature involving exhibition colletions. When I looked into the "Art Full Text" tab I was able to narrow down my search even more so. I could research from over 600 periodicals that are dated from 1984 to today, along with peer-reviewed journals.
I was disappointed that I was not able to use their services for free. EBSCO has been a library resource for over 60 years, and they have a great selection of articles. Even if I was only able to use this resource for a free trial, the articles that I could use from this class would be very helpful. This got me thinking about other ways to use an online data base for classes. I recall someone in class mentioning an online resource where students can view museums on web cams. Along with that tool, I would also like to see more artist statements available online. I believe EBSCO would give students a greater understanding about how to talk about their work, and strengthen their ability to hold a conversation in critiques. It still surprises me in upper level art classes that some students can produce great work, yet have little to say constructivley about their own piece or classmates work.


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Cassie, yes online resources are great. There are many other sites that you can use that don't cost money. Many museums have online collections that you can go to for free. Here are just a few. They also many times have links just for educators.



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