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10 steps to Paper Animation

Let's make a paper cut out animation! To get started you will need the following supplies:
• Animation stand
• Digital camera
• Paper cut outs (artists choice)
• Plexi glass
• (8) 1" blocks
• Computer with Photoshop capabilities
• Note your lighting conditions when shooting

Step 1:
You'll need a base to set your scene onto. An animation stand is a great tool to use for this project.

Step 2:
For this step you'll need your digital camera. The camera will be attached to the animation stand for stability.

Step 3:
Center the digital camera on the animation stand pointing downward. Make sure that the camera will take pictures in the smallest memory setting. It's also important to view the frame with no zoom to start out with.
Step 4:
Gather paper materials for your project. As the creator you have creative freedom. Your project may have a theme, it could be random, or your could incorporate 3D aspects.

Step 5:
Your animation station will need a platform. You should have (8) 1" blocks. Place two blocks (stacked on top of each other) on each corner of your animation stand. This platform creates a raised surface once the plexi glass is placed on top.

Step 6:
Creating a background is completely up to the artist. It is recommended that your background remains underneath the plexi glass. These pieces will stay in the same place.

Step 7:
Now your video is ready for action! Place your desires characters onto the plexi glass to create a story.

Step 8:
With each frame movement take a picture with your digital camera. Some important tips:
• Be sure to use the digital camera on the manual setting. Flash photography may alter your video quality.
• You're in charge of your characters. This means that you can take a picture with very small movements one character at a time. Otherwise you can have many parts moving at the same time within a frame. Small movements and many pictures create a more interesting video.

Step 9:
Upload all of your photos onto a computer. Photoshop is a helpful tool to organize and create your project.


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