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While I was researching inspirations for the classroom this week I stumbled upon a simple tool that can be helpful in any classroom. This tool is especially helpful in art classes because it's important to organize your thoughts. "" is a mind map tool that can be accessible anywhere. It's easy for students to customize their concepts and collaborate with one another. As individual artists we gain a stronger sense of concept when we have concrete ideas and can look at the little things making the big picture. This will be a good resource in any art class and will allow faster feedback from teacher to student. Students will be able to interact with their instructor virtually and expand on ideas outside of class and sketchbooks.
If I were to implement this resource into my class I would assign a group project. Each student would be represented by a color for the map. I would assign a key idea ex. animals. Once each group has their main idea each student in the group of 3-4 will be required to add 10 different ideas onto the concept map. Once the ideas are on the virtual concept map the instructor will approve and advance on the assignment. With the concept map in place each (individual) student will be asked to represent their topic (and map) with colored pencils based on how they see it. Group members will compare individual works and an in class critique would take place. It's interesting how creative minds can use the same literal ideas and turn it into completely different visions.

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This is pretty interesting Cassie. I like the idea of digitally brainstorming. This would be great for older students to start thinking about how to build concepts behind their work. *Make sure to activate the link to the website.

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