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Magazine Advertisement Lesson Plan.docx

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Lesson Plan

Focus: To recreate an advertisement that is misleading in a more realistic and viewer friendly way.

a. Students will analyze the elements in media arts such as image, sound, space, time, motion and sequence, (
b. Students will develop an artistic intent, including how audience and occasion impact analyze and presentation choices, (
c. Students will analyze and interpret a variety of media artworks using established criteria, (
Motivational Resources:
Students will be introduced to the lesson by choosing an advertisement from magazines brought in and analyze its meaning. Also, a PowerPoint will be shown for more magazine ad examples and analysis.

Art Materials:
Provided for students:
10 cameras
Computers Lab and Printers
Printing Paper
Student's need to bring:
Poster board

Photo editing example 1

Photo editing example 2

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A good and successful advertisement is something that requires both time and experinece to invest. Every course or workshop that I attended had played a significant lesson teacher and helped me to develop my senses and professional qualities as a copywriter.

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