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Dr Palitha Kohona Reminds MIA to stick with what she is good at it

Yesterday I was watching Travis Smiley Show and I must say that Dr Palitha Kohona Foreign Secretary reminded MIA to stick with what she is really good at it which is Music. As a musician I don't see a "WOW" factor on MIA's music or lyrics that she writes but I will still respect her work and effort as an artist. MIA's father is an active LTTE supporter who also happened to one of the earliest members of the LTTE group. Going back to what MIA emphasize which was genocide in Sri Lanka, Do we really have such an atmosphere in Sri Lanka?

As Dr Kohona mentioned, those who claim this Genocide in Sri Lanka should come to Colombo or any other Government control area and get an experience on how we live life in Sri Lanka. Every leading school in Sri Lanka has Tamil Medium classes. In that case, if so called Genocide exists how come leading Schools like Royal College etc has Tamil Medium class rooms which allow Sri Lankan Tamil population to have equal opportunity. As a fellow Royalist who shared my high school life with many of my Tamil friends, It is really frustrating to see people like MIA using situation in Sri Lanka to label majority of Sri Lankan population as evil.

You can listen to full interview at Tavis Smiley Show.


I totally agree with Dr.Kohona and good reply,everyone should stick with what they are good at.

Not even our school, even our Universities has equal opportunities for Tamils and Muslims

Yeah we agreed with Palitha.
No one in srilanka discriminate Tamils or Muslims.
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