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Atha Mita Kasi Now Playing on BBC Radio Adil Ray Show

If you read my previous blog post you already know about the Atha Mita Kazi Track. Ok here we go on a nut shell, I wrote lyrics for Ranidu's (Check Out Ranidu's New Website) latest Track Artha Mita kazi (The Fake Friendz Song). I am proud to say that once again we put Sri Lanka on the world music map with the head held high. BBC Radio Adil Ray's show is a well known international Radio Show that plays world music. Currently Adil Ray has put our song on his "Big One" collection.

Here is the banner for "Athamita Kasi" Fake Fredz Song...

This an example that confirms, If you produce classy work, you get rewarded with respect.


This song is going to be super hit.Its great and congrats to you.

Very nice. ;)
Anyway the info's i wanted about SL is : How safe it to travel around and where is good to visit?
I have seen all those touristy things online but i'm thinking it's best if i get a native's opinion..
Anyway how did the Microsoft thing go?

How safe it to travel, Hard question to answer because its my home so for me its safe all the time... Actually other than the North its pretty safe. If I start mentioning the places to visit I ll ran out of space here, I mean Sri Lanka is full of drop dead gorgeous place. I added you to my chat list... lets chat I ll give you more details. About the Microsoft interview, They rescheduled it and I will be flying to Seattle end of March. Lets hope that this time I want get a call day before I fly...

Thanks for all your support on my latest song, which I did for Ranidu.