March 04, 2009

Pakistan terrorist didn't get the memo

I might need a different blog to discuss about root cause in Pakistan and one reason I want to avoid discussing about is that issues in Pakistan can not be isolated from religion.

Attack on Sri Lankan Cricket Team was a complete shock. Not like India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan has very good international relationship, on the other had its hard to find a country that doesn't have good international relationship with Sri Lanka. I can understand LTTE targeting Sri Lankan cricket team but Pakistan terroiist attack is somewhat aberrant situation.

Differences between Pakistan and India should only kept among them and should not effect innocent Sri Lankan cricketers. Especially when they took the risk of going to living hell like Pakistan. They should also keep in mind that this tour was originally arranged between Pakistan and India but Sri Lanka came into the picture after the attack in Bombay.

Considering the fact that Sri Lanka's good relationship with Pakistan, only conclusion that I can come up with is that Pakistan Terrorist didn't get the Memo confirming that it was not the Indian Cricket team but Sri Lankan Cricket team individuals who were in that bus. So next time please get your facts right....

November 19, 2007

Only if Umpire Rudi Koertzen kept his hand in pocket

Regardless poor batting other than Atapattu Sangakkara , the second test match was an absolutely a thriller mainly thanks to Sangakkara who played a gutsy inning along with Malinga. The result of the second test might have been a new world record Only if Rudy Koertzen was smart enough to think twice before he raise his finger to rule in favor of Aussies.

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November 11, 2007

What Happened to Malinga in the First Test?

Thanks to a free link provided by a generous website, I was able to watch the first test match on and off. I flipped out as soon as I saw the playing eleven at the toss of first match. They dropped Malinga and from that moment I knew we were going have tough time during the first test. And here we are today after the first test match and Australia leading by 1-0 in the series. What kind of stupid coach would take out Malinga from bowling attack when you are playing in Australia. Its a rule of thumb that on a any given day Genuine fast bowler always get a green light at the selection simply because pace can do many things that we can't pre-judge.
Regardless that the pitch has some pace and bounce one a genuine fast bowler could extract and use it has his weapon. It was true that there was nothing for Vass or Maharoof who bowl medium pace with little bit of swing.
As a person who watch the game, I saw that Aussies didn't have any threat from our pace attack at any given time. If Murali wasn't there, Aussies would have gone 1000 runs in first inning for 1 wicket. So here is my advice for the new coach, Play Malinga in every single game if he is fit and ready...

September 25, 2007

Congratulations!!! Minnesota-Sri Lanka Cricket Team

After many years Sri Lankan Team came for the finals in Minnesota Country Cricket Tournament. It was a great team effort. Unfortunately we lost in the finals.

Good job team

April 06, 2007

Sri Lanka & 2007 Cricket World Cup

Before going into the world cup most of the Sri Lankans knew that Sri Lanka has a great chance to be in Super Eight category, So I don' think this is an unexpected situation for all the Sri Lankan fans. We know that Sri Lanka team is good and at a given day we can beat any team in the world. Also Sri Lankan fans are more knowledgeable with the game and the sport and because of that our fans know its a sport and only one team can win. By saying that Sri Lankan fans don't act like most of Indian fans who cant handle a loosing a game of cricket where they end up burning down cricketers houses... I am not writing this to elaborate the pathetic side of the Indian fans..... so lets get to the point....Shall we....

I think this is the best Cricket team that Sri Lanka ever produce. It has the legacy and the youth but more than anything they enjoying playing cricket. More than anything all our players are having a blast when they are in the middle. That is what we need players to be happy of what the do. Simple example would be Malinga, when he bowls he attacks, he shows his enthusiasm and the joy and he does it with a spirit... but lets jump back to the past when Promodya Wickramasighe was our opening bowler, It reminded me government worker who just comes to work just because he has to not because he wants to make a difference.

Also I should give credit to Sri Lankan Cricket Board selectors for not putting negative influence as they used to be. The best thing they did was to keep Mahela as the Captain who is young and positive. Mahela is an individual who plays the game with the great mind. I think he would be best Captain that Sri Lanka ever produced. I know all you guys think Arjuna was the best I don't say know but Mahela is already showing and has already filled Arjuna's shoes so from here its all upstream...

October 31, 2005

Tom got to pull some strings

Sri Lanka lost the first "One Day International"....fine, Flight was delayed,so they didn't have enough time to practice. Considering the hot weather playing cricket in India was almost equal to getting fried in a hot pan. By looking at these factors, I am not going be that mad with the Sri Lankan team for loosing the first game. Then we had the second game. After looking at the scoreboard, I wasn't sure on how we became world's second best Cricket team.
But yesterday Sangakkara played a superb inning, showing Indian team that we are still the best, then Mahela Joined him and smashed the Indian ream bowlers. But at the end of the day, we still lost the game.
I am not sure who's fault is this. I know Tom Moody doesn't like to loose to a fellow Australian Greg Chapel (who is the coach for Indian team). All I know is we got to win this series. Two reasons I hate Harbajan, if we win the chances of his stupid mouth getting open infront of reporters is 0%. Other reason.....its obvious, I am Sri Lankan I want my team to win all the time.

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