August 31, 2007

new paddles and Shoes..

Few weeks ago I got new cycling shoes, which are Nike's and they feel very comfortable also that new clipping paddles are great and very easy to take off too. I did some small adjustment to my rear break systems but other than that bike is riding in excellent condition. My only complain was too much rain in twin cities metro didn't allow me get out as much as I wanted in last week. But I am planning to make it up for that in this weekend and next week.

August 23, 2007

Great Trail on Route 13

Last week I fallowed the bike trail which starts on 13 and went all the way to Minneapolis in fact very close to where the bridge collapse happened. The bike trial runs along the Mississippi River and its really exciting. I am trying to figure out the map of that trial so I cam mark on Google Maps and publish it on the net so many other cyclists can take advantage.

August 14, 2007

My new bike, Trek 1000

Yesterday, I put my new bike on a test. It was a mountain test. I first started with a good 15mile stretch and got some good acceleration and then climb a hill which had a 10% gradually increasing hight. I felt very good and bike was very supportive during the entire trip.

During the descent I experienced some noise from the rare wheel brake, but I don't think its a major issue. Include that problem I have few adjustments that I want to do to the bike. I hope tomorrow I will get a chance to take the bike to the bike shop.

August 10, 2007

Trek 1000, is my new bike

Money Matters...! As I mentioned I had the oppertunity to test ride Trek 2100 (more than 10 times..), 1500 and Trek 1000 but I it was really hard for me to not to buy the Trek 2100. But I had no option so I settled down with Trek 1000 so thats my bike. It doesn't have carbon as much as in the 2100 frame but its very light and good for my level of bike riding. I guess once I get better I will go for advance and more expensive bike. Only concern I have right now is with my bike rack, it was turf to add women's bike into my rack. I might have to get extra bar which converts the womens bike to a mens bike just for the purpose of hooking it up to a rack... but lets see.. I am really happy I got this and planning on starting my training from tomorrow.

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