February 06, 2009

Go Lakers: Sorry Boston not this time

This year Lakers started series of educational lecturing session. First was How to beat Boston, at Staple Center and the lecture was given on the Christmas day by Kobe and the Lakers with some examples. And yesterday we saw the second lesson taught by Kobe and Lakers. But this time title was bit difference, it was How to beat Boston in their Stupid Green House. So all I have to say is that Sorry Boston you ain't going to win NBA Championship this time. Also the best part is you are going to loose to Cavaliers in Eastern Conference Final.

January 15, 2009

I just witnessed the best game in Regular season

Lakers vs Spurs, Even though I am a die hard laker fan, I have to admit that without no doubt that Spurs are one of the best teams in NBA league. Yesterday was one of the best games I saw in this season. Also it doesn't go that far down in my overall best games list. Normally when the Lakers loose I get Extreamly livid, but for some reason I didn't feel that way after Lakers loosing by one point in last few seconds. I still don't understand why Kobe didn't take the shot instead of passing it to Ariza. But he was doing that all night. He was trusting his team mates so much where he gave away so many open looks to open players. Don't get be wrong, I love Kobe's unselfish playing rhythm but I don't see any one better than Kobe to have the ball in hand during final seconds in a close game. Both teams were shooting above 55% not because of bad defense but simply it was better offense. Yet I still think there were places that Lakers could have bump up the intensity of the defense.

November 25, 2007

Not happy with the Lakers trade...

I have no idea why would Laker do something stupid when the team momentum was high as it has ever been is past two three years. Also they were in a wining streak and one of the main reason that Lakers to win was the depth of the team. Right now Lakers are 7-6 and last four winning games Lakers bench outscored their opponent's bench with a huge margin. Simply because they had players like Brian Cook, and Maurice Evans After listening to Kobe on the other day I realized that he also doesn't agree with the trade.. I am sure there will be a huge impact on the Laker bench also this will add more load on Kobe.

March 22, 2007

Who says Kobe is not popular....

I am a big time Kobe fan, so don't take my work but read this Kobe Bryant has Top-Selling Jersey in China.

China has the largest human population and Kobe's jersey has become the best selling jersey in China. If you have forgotten NBA has a Chinese player Yaomeing yet Kobe it the famous. So you do the math,,,,

March 16, 2007

Lakers, I dont know if i can take it any more....

When lakers started their 2006/07 series, They were the most surprising team. They beat Spurs, Dallas and month or two ago they were 30/13 winning record. But then Lakers got hit by multiple injuries. Anyway forget about injuries they are part of the NBA. Lakers six in a row twice include the one they just finish with Denver.

After watching the first quarter I thought lakers had some great ball movement with the Luke and Odem coming back from injuries. Everything was good in the first quarter but that was it, ever since until the game finish they were going down hill...

I am also kind of not happy the way that Kobe is playing. I like his new approch towards to the game more assists reduce the amount of the shots he take in game night.. but sometimes Kobe has to turn on his game and take over things to his hand. I didn't see that happening for last few games.

December 19, 2006


Kobe is back and Lakers are doing great...

For KOBE haters, Wait till he becomes the MVP, yeap I said it, he is going to be the MVP for sure....

May 09, 2006

Lakers....what happen...?

Lakers had a great chance to win, but I guess not having much experience, wrapped up the story behalf of lakers for this season. But I think Lakers had a great season....

May 03, 2006

Shame on Suns

Lakers lost the fifth game not because suns played better basketball, they lost because they didn't focus as they did in previous games. Also Kuwami Brown had some personal issues and due to that he was not playing he best game.

Let’s forget about the game performance for a second. I am so disgusted about the unsportsmanship of Roger Bell. As a basketball player I know that you get elbowed some punching pushing happen in the court. All players do this in every single game. But just because you got an elbow, it’s unethical to grab from a players neck and put down him while attempting for a lay-up. In sport only one team wins, and sometimes you have to be tuff enough to grab both win and loose in a same manner. I think suns are incapable of doing that, which was clearly showed in previous game.

May 01, 2006

Lakers on the ROCK

Lakers are BACK, I knew this was going to happen while i was watching the first play of game that Lakers played with suns. Lakers lost but there was great potential in that game. Kobe played according to a plan while getting everyone involved. Then the second game Lakers came hard on with the triangular offence plan and Kobe feeding others for shots. But more than anything Lakers defense showed an advancement. Yesterday night was a great execution of the Lakers defense and the offence, Steve Nash and suns had no answers for the Lakers defense. I think who ever gives this MVP title should rewind the last night’s game and see how Kobe executed his talent. If Nash was in a situation like last night and had to make a winning short he will not make because he doesn't have the talent or capability to do that. At the end of the day Kobe will go down as the greatest basketball player like M.J.

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