September 04, 2007

First Day as new intern

Drive was not that bad from Eagan to Chanhassen as well as the first day as new intern. Fun part is I get three computers in my cube to play around with and one of them runs on Linux. My primary job will be generating Automated C/C++ scripts to test a application which test's cell phone, smart phones etc. Its going to be fun...

August 30, 2007

She got the job

OOH my god I can explain how happy I am, I had to drop in to ST Thomas for some training sessions and in the afternoon my friend has got the call that she was waiting. She got the offer from the company and it is a great offer. And finally something good is happening. As soon as I got to know about this I start jumping up, I was so excited and happy for her hard work. I really don't have words to explain how happy I am...

August 17, 2007

back to intern

Let me say that after working and getting use to it, going back to school is not a fun thing to do. But I am excited about my second semester of my grad program. And I am hoping that I will have success on my research. Also I am happy that without much hassle I was able to get an internship. I was mainly looking internships on Java development in web applications but this is more like embedded programming with C++. The company make software to test cell phone functionalities also they are the main software contributor for Verizon.

August 14, 2007

empowerMX - The worst place to work

If you ever want to see a worst management please join empowerMX and you will have the luxury of experiencing it to the the utmost level. Long story short, unqualified person who doesn't have a personality, who cant speak proper English also cant speak with a person by looking at his eyes, some how manage to get a CTO position. Then he slowly got his brother and family friends in and gave them high level positions. Then he opened up his off-shore company in India and start out sourcing empowerMX work load to India. Mean time he found a kiss ass HR personality who would agree to every single decision that this unethical man makes. I just found out today that he just moved entire work load of the QA team to India and terminated all the QA position in US office. As a result of this one of my very good friend lost the job. Also this CTO person's brother works for the same company and fly to India very often... from who's money...?

July 26, 2007

EmpowerMX - I will think twice before....

It was a great place to work but not anymore. I started as an intern and then got hired as a Software Engineer and had so much fun. But unfortunately a double dipper has got into EmpowerMX's management and have started to out source the work to his own company in South Asia. Not only that this person has already put his family friends into leading roles in Development team, just to over look everything that goes on the on flow. Not only that anyone who stand up against this person's idiotic ideas will end up getting fired. So I will think twice, also I hate unethical double dippers who has no shame. According to what I believe in my life everything happens for a reason, and I am glad that I am not working under a "double dipper" anymore. It was a great place to work, I don't think its the same anymore.....

February 20, 2007

View and View Converters

I am currently working on very interesting item which setting up a complex view convert for represent the data that comes out from a projection query.
I haven't touch the view converter part but currently i am trying to setup my projection queries to spit the data.

December 19, 2006

Dual Monitors..

Finally I got dual monitors at work, I am really happy about that, no you really dont know how happy I am. I am CRAZY HAPPY ABOUT THE DUAL MONITORS>.......

June 08, 2006

Time to get back to work...

I think i had a great vacation. But I guess its time to get some work done. I think i will have more fun with the Java team than with MicroStrategy....

February 12, 2006

Data Warehousing.....

This my first project at EMPowerMX. I will be working closely with the Data Modeling and Data Architecting for the Data Warehouse that we are building. Data Warehousing is a totally new experience for me, at the moment I am learning the main concepts in Data Warehousing and Data Modeling.
I think its going to be a cool project. I was little worried when my manager told that they are going to put me to the Data Warehousing project, but after doing more research on it I felt much confident about it.

February 10, 2006

First day at EMPowerMX

Finally after getting all the paper work done, I was able to start working at EMPowerMX. It was not like the day that started working at Minnesota Power where I attended a project meeting on my first day of work. I got a proper orientation and then my manager took me for lunch.
During the lunch we talked about what my role will be in the Java Development team, Just for he people who don’t know (I guess this is a big set = people who don’t know about EMPowerMX), EMPowerMX build software for Air Craft Maintenances. They are in the process of changing the software from ASP platform to Java.
I am really glad that I get to work with some fun loving and smart people.

November 01, 2005


Last week was an action packed week for. Car troubles, Exams, Project Development deadlines at work, list goes on and on....
The presentation on the first phase development of the Arc Pad application took place on Friday Morning. I presented the system infrom of my Manager, and few other workers at Minnesota Power. It went well, and now i have excellent feed back to make the system more userfriendly and accurate. This project kept me interesting from the begining to upto date. Working with shapefiles and creating an application to recognize shapfile data using form and dump those data in to dbf files was really a fun. Only down part is I have to do all these things using VBS, I whish it was Java...

October 27, 2005

Almost done with First Phase

After finishing the implementation of the Ground Line Inspection Database system, I was introduce to program in ArcGIS, and ArcPad. I was never fund of VBS. My project is to develop an application to install in Trimble Pocket pc to use in Arc Pad enviorment. The cool part is that I get to play with the trimble. I am almost done with the first phase of the implementation.
The application take shape files as the input to locate different items....why this is i mentioned I get to play with the GPS stuff. Today after work on the way home i decided to test my system. It took a while to recognize the satelights after than i was able to see all the Light Poles (Ok I never said I am building this system for Minnesota Power) on side of the road. Now the second phase will be to have data transfer over the system to the main server using the wireless connection.

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