January 22, 2009

Google Android Dev Phone - Googler Version

Thanks to my friend Nayana who is a Googler, I got a new Android Dev Phone. He put a request to send the Android phone that he got as a X'Mass present from Google. Phone directly came from Mountain View. It looks great I love the Graphics and the Android sign at the back of the phone. This is not the T-Mobile version, and I don't think those graphics are in T-Mobile version of the Android Phone. During Android Developer Challenge I developed few applications but they were not sophisticated enough to be on front line. Hopefully I can use this along with the emulator to build better Android Application. I do have an idea, so let see if I can deliver it this time, but sorry guys I just have to keep it for myself, at least for now...

Here are some pictures, Once again big ups for my boy Nana... 

 IMG_1216.jpg  IMG_1217.jpg
 IMG_1221.jpg  IMG_1225.jpg
 IMG_1220.jpg  IMG_1224.jpg

January 20, 2009

Microsoft Interview - All set for the take off to Seattle

Sometime in November I saw email which I never expected. Recruiting Organizer from Microsoft email me to find out possible dates for me to fly to Seattle for the Microsoft onsite interview. Her name was Tejpreet and I must say that she was really helpful. When I contacted her, she said that she will be the person who is scheduling my interview dates and other arrangements during my trip to Seattle.

Over the past month or so, we had to over come few confusions related the position that I was planning to apply interms of Internship or full-time position. Only because Microsoft wanted to setup appropriate interview. Once we clear that out, we had to clear out few scheduling conflicts. But Thanks to Tejpreet, all those conflicts were solved and changes were made to satisfy both the parties.

So Yesterday, I got the ticket and hotel details and its final that I will be flying to Seattle Microsoft Office to get interviewed by the Giant in Software World.

One more thing, My recruiter told that I will be getting interviewed by two teams within MSSQL team.

January 12, 2009

GWT complains on @override

I recently update my java version to build 11 and first thing I found out that GWT SDK doesn't have the latest addition from java build to reflect @override.
If you are like me who use eclipse, when you create a method like this.

public class Ex1 implements EntryPoint {
    public void onModuleLoad() {
        GWT.log("Out Put", null);
        final Label myLabel = new Label("Hello World");


Eclipse will automatically will add @override which help the compiler to understand the behavior of the method. This is a addition in java 1.6 build 11, But GWT SDK doesn't have this update so your compiler will cough on you.

September 06, 2007

Email from Dream Work Place...

I was shocked, excited, and couldn't believe my eyes. I opened up my email account and there was a email where the subject was saying "Hello From Google". I thought it was may be from Gmail or some sort of Google maintenance email. I read the email and it was from a Google recruiter who has found my profile. I always thought of applying but never thought that they would find me before I apply to Google. Since I am so fascinated and highly talk about Google among my friends, I started to think this could be one of my friend trying to pull my leg. But it was not, it was really a recruiter from Google who is interest on finding out my experiences for possible hiring.

August 17, 2007

back to intern

Let me say that after working and getting use to it, going back to school is not a fun thing to do. But I am excited about my second semester of my grad program. And I am hoping that I will have success on my research. Also I am happy that without much hassle I was able to get an internship. I was mainly looking internships on Java development in web applications but this is more like embedded programming with C++. The company make software to test cell phone functionalities also they are the main software contributor for Verizon.

November 08, 2005

@ ACM we placed 14/186

On My Last post, on ACM, I mentioned that we are going for a Computer Programming contest...
On Nevember 5th, we went to Twin Cities for the Contest, My Self, Jeff Sharkey, And Joe Marty represent the team "Those to who all base are belong". It was a great experience. It was the regional competition for the ACM finals. The winners from Regional get the chance to go for the world final, which will held in Texas in something April, 2006,
Anyway there were ten teams at UMN location, Including Two team from UMD, Three from UMN, Three from St.Cloud, etc....
Event took off at 12.30... and within first three-four hours time we finished four programming problems and at the last hour we had one problem that got turn down from Judges due to the fact of runtime error, and other one we were debugging....
but at the end we placed 14th out of 186 teams, where we won our location(UMN), which was excellent..
Once again THanks to Java we Rock the House big time...

I can call this as another event that my Coffee Cup showed its colors along with highly skilled programmers....

November 04, 2005


Twin Cities we are coming!!!!
After a great victory, we are now getting ready for the ACM Software Competition. The only sad part is Leroy donít get to join with us since ACM has some rules that Leroy canít get through. ACM competition is little different than the Digi-Key and also harder than Digi-key.
Tomorrow we are going for the regionals,
If ( we win the regionals)
We are going for the world Competition.
mmmm, same old, same old life goes on.....

Before finishing this note... Once again we will be using JAVA to do all our coding at the competition....

October 27, 2005

Google - whats next?

I was studying for my GRE, and just typed google in guess what i found, I think they have entered word google to the dictionary, very interesting...

3 entries found for google.
Main Entry: google1
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: to search for information about a specific person through the Google search engine
Example: She googled her high school boyfriends.
Etymology: trademark Google
Usage: googling n

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