September 02, 2007

Minnesota State Fair

Nothing spectacular but myself and my friends had a good time at the State Fair. I had Most fun while engaging the White Water Rafting Ride. As always put some great junk food where I wasted the profit of entire week of work out. But its all right because I am going to get on my saddle early tomorrow morning and try to workout that junk I put in today.

August 20, 2007

Weekend in Rochester

I went to Rochester to celebrate one of my good friends birthday. We had good time lot of drinking, everything was good other than the rainy weather. Lucky my friend didn't get effect from the flash flooding that happened in south of Rochester in Winona county. But more than the rain my biggest dispute was one of our friend who got married recently start giving marriage counseling entire night. Not only him but his wife also started giving wired advisers. Like put a resume and find the person and thats how they got to know each other... Freedom that she had where she could select any guy she wanted but she let her parents select her the right one... so other than that stupid lecture by the married couple the weekend was a great one.

August 02, 2007

35W Brdige Collapse

I have seen many horrifying things from my eyes, and never expected to see another one of those moment in Minneapolis. I was at my friends place the just turned on the TV and I couldn't believe what I saw... Reporters were reporting live from a chopper about the 35W bridge and it has collapsed. First thing came to my mind was, didn't I cross that bridge last week and was about to take that bridge today morning... My deepest sympathy for the families that lost their love ones.

February 27, 2007

Let it snow, let it snow......

There are expecting more that 24 inches of snow within next 48 hours.... great, Finally some snow and hopefully more than anything entire town will be closed, and I don't have to go to work....

December 16, 2006


I know its been a long time, that I wrote something on my blog, my work is keeping me extreamly busy. To tell you the truth, I even forgot the link for my blog that How i busy was... any way ... I am going to let it flow.....

May 01, 2006

Can we find anything, not available on EBAY

I have been surprise by EBAY many times. First time was, when I saw an Island was for sale on EBAY. It will be really hard to find a product that doesn’t sell on EBAY. If EBAY can sell islands on their site what else can not be available. What I saw on BBC was very exciting. A Chinese businessman has bought a MIG 21 through EBAY. The plane has last flown in 1995 but looks be in great condition. Currently plane is located in Iowa.

For More Information - Check BBC


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