October 14, 2007

Gave my passat to the VW dealer

I drop off my Passat at the VW dealer to take care of the the blinking oil light and the starting issue. I told all the symptoms and hoping the they will figure out the problem. Also on the same day I went to the West Side VW Dealer to check out some Passat with the intention of selecting my next car. I test drove three Passat all were really good and had very good miles. I gave some offers my unfortunately dealer didn't meet my offer. But at the same time my service guy at VW Dealership call me to give the the breakdown of the cost to fix the car. He explain what was the problem and it was a very good price. They have found that the inline valve that keep gas at the engine has some issues and due to that fuel goes into the tank right after the engine shuts down that cause the starting problem. And reason for the Oil light blink was three leaking oil plugs. Also they found that my second fan doesn't kick in and because of that my engine get really hot but at this point I didn't want to put a new part for that because if was SO EXPENSIVE... its going to take a week to fix my car but best part about is that They gave me a brand new VW JETTA with FULL OF GAS as a temporary ride until the car get fix... I love putting the car into the dealership apart from the higher labor cost.

October 04, 2007

My Passat: Oil Indicator Blinking while beep

I was very happy with my Passat, at least until last Tuesday. I was driving to my evening class with my best friend and we decided to get some Starbucks Coffee. So I turned to Grand Ave, didn't get a chance to go more than few meters my oil indicator on the dashboard started to blink while beeping. I pulled over my car but rainy weather was not helping the situation. I checked the dip-stick and oil level was little low but it shouldn't have trigger the oil indicator. Not knowing much about the car I decided to take the car to the nearest Valvoline place. But I made sure I get my Starbucks Pupkin Spice Latte before anything...

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