February 24, 2009

Pulling my hair out on FB Data Extraction

I am trying it put together java base data extraction module for Facebook data. I am doing this to get large enough data set for my data mining project. I am thankful for all the developers who are trying to keep up the java-facebook-api upto date, but I had enormous amount of issues with facebook-java-api. Including my other research work this is the latest enemy of sleep. So, to give you an idea, for the last four days my total number of sleep hours are in single digit.

January 02, 2008

My Advisor is going to Kill me

I took some of my research work down here (Sri Lanka) thinking that I will get some work done while having fun.. but so far I am only having fun and I think I am going to continue doing that... If i am not wrong the time that I have put on my research work not more than days worth of work... what the heck... I am on vacation... Publication can wait... lets live the live for minute (very long minute...)

December 12, 2007

Finals are done, handed the first draft... I am heading home...

Its 4am in the morning and I just finished up the first draft of the publication to my research adviser along with some results of my program that i wrote to handle the nicknames issues of my research. I told my adviser that I will make an attempt to do work on my program while I am in Sri Lanka but I am afraid if I can really promise on it... hahah
I am so glad I am flying home (Sri Lanka) in about 8 hours... ooh god... feels so great... The breeze, the beach Sri Lanka I call it Paradise...

November 05, 2007

Objective::First phase of my research

Main objectives of this research project are to implement Perl module to handle nick names as inputs and make suggestions for possible first names while attaching nick names with the matching last names to retrieve genealogical history of a given name, extend along with additional modules to interface with to retrieve genealogical information related the names that are resolve by module, add functionalities to handle combinations of errors such as misspelling, nicknames, mistakes during the census records and finally compare Soundex values of the return query and along with our implementation. The application will use as its primary source and additional modules will use Perl as its primary language for implementation purpose. -> Pre-implementation by Dr. Bradley Rubin

February 08, 2006


I will be doing a presentation on

The Developmental Organization of Robot Behavior


Dr. Roderic A. Grupen
University of Massachusetts
Department of Computer Science

The book is not publish yet, but I will be doing a presenting the synopsis of the first chaper of this book. I am planning to show the video of the BigDog.

Presentation will be at HH302 2/08/2006 at 5pm........All are welcome.

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