November 05, 2007

Objective::First phase of my research

Main objectives of this research project are to implement Perl module to handle nick names as inputs and make suggestions for possible first names while attaching nick names with the matching last names to retrieve genealogical history of a given name, extend along with additional modules to interface with to retrieve genealogical information related the names that are resolve by module, add functionalities to handle combinations of errors such as misspelling, nicknames, mistakes during the census records and finally compare Soundex values of the return query and along with our implementation. The application will use as its primary source and additional modules will use Perl as its primary language for implementation purpose. -> Pre-implementation by Dr. Bradley Rubin

October 18, 2007

Nicknames in America

As I started my research work on finding issues with Genealogical information, I ran into a problem that finding right nicknames using the internet. As I always do first thing I did was pound my research query in Google of course Google game me a hit (what do you expect its Google). The results that I found were fairly good and recognized. I found two main link one was publish from Connecticut and other was Genealogical Information related website. But my biggest concern was not about the links that I found, it was about from what date to what date these nick names were used. Simple example If your name is Richard as my host families name is, automatically your nick name is Dick but my questions was is it true to the modern day nicknames. How about if your name is Kevin, and modern day people use Kev instead of Kevin. But the nick name lists that I found on internet didn't have modern day nicknames.

September 20, 2007

Scratching my head with perl

Its been awhile (more than four years) that I have touch a perl book or take a look at a perl program. But I have to quickly get back on the perl horse and start riding it like a pro in no time. Because my Graduate research project going to be in perl I guess I could use java but its going to by much much easier with perl. Two reasons, its a information retrieval on genealogy, secondly I will be dealing with tons of raw data manipulation.

August 13, 2007

NASA - Endeavour

Few days ago I was watching NASA TV channel and I got a chance to see how the space shuttle do the back flip manoeuvre and dock with the International Space Station. It was so amazing how the top potion of the space shuttle get open and a cylindrical more like a tunnel get connect with the space station.... it was something you got to see it from your eyes to believe it.

I hope the crew will get a chance to fix the damage that has happen during the take off. I watch the take off too and the NASA television commentator and the lead flight director was informing the viewers that it was a perfect lift off. But I am glad that they found it and trying to fix.

As Jay Leno says, I guess no alcohol involve at this flight.... :)

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