December 28, 2007

Ooh God, How can I leave this Beautiful life and go back to merciless Winter...

If you haven't been to Heritance Ahungalla, you should try sometime. Specially if you are thinking a quick getaway from Colombo... enough of that... we had a awesome time at Heritance. Played some good tap rugby and had some few drink while enjoying the nice cool breeze of the coast. It was simply fantastic, more than anything hanging out with my buddies Nana, Ranidu & Kumi, Kani... was priceless....

July 28, 2007

Last Day in Duluth

I am sure I am going to miss Duluth, I survived hash cold winters while enjoying few snow storms we had in past years especially the one which was in March. I absolutely cherished the summer, there is nothing like Duluth summer. Combination of the beautiful yet cold lake superior and the warm, hot but comfortable weather makes you feel like you are floating under zero gravity environment. But starting from tomorrow all that is past, I will be a city boy again.

December 20, 2006

Ready for Roll with Ranidu in Cali

My Check list....
Ticket - Bought and Confirm,
Call Nana To get info on how to get into his appartment and figure out a secret place to hide the key.
Put a resevation for the Rental Car.
I guess we are ready to roll, and this will be the first time I am meeting my home boy Ranidu for the first time In USA after six years, I guess its about time.....

May 31, 2006

Crazy Miami

It was a crazy trip....
I like Key West more that Miami South Beach. Party Life was fun but I enjoyed Para Sailing, and all the other stuff like great people (if you know what i mean....). We were not that happy since we spend awful amount of time on Traffic before getting inside the clubs. So if you ever planning on going to Miami South Beach on Memorial Weekend, It you better forget about it.....

We took so much pictures but my friend Shafz, who has a very low tech skill cant figure out, how to get them into a web or email.....untill then this is what i got.
Miami South Beach

May 26, 2006

Getting Ready For Miami

After finishing a succesful trip in West Cost, I am getting ready for my East Coast Blast. Miami here we come, I am sure that we(myslef, Indi, Shafz) are going have great time.

Miami Here We Come, You better Get ready......

May 23, 2006

Google Visitor

Google, lot of people are going crazy about Google especially world is waiting to know how it looks like inside Google building. Before anything I must say that I am proud to have one of my best friend working for Google as a Software Engineer. As I mention, I finished my California trip at Google Campus.

At the entrance to the Google building you get to see the first rack that Larry Page and his partner build during their time at Stanford, also there is a screen which shows every single search string that you type in Google web site. So if you are searching some wild give a second thought because some one is watching......

The other cool thing is Google has small kitchens within every 100 feet inside the building so, if you get to go to Google and if you feel you went to a huge cafeteria, I will not blame you for that thought....also my friend told all the Google employee's get FREE breakfast, lunch and dinner from the Google Main cafeteria. So if you get to work for Google, then you don’t have to worry about cooking.

There are so much other things that I can keep on write about, let me say that is one sentence, Google is the Place to work with out no doubt.


If i am lucky enough................................................................

May 10, 2006

Dad's Third Visit in US

My dad will be in US for two weeks, He will stay with me for four days and then we both are flying to Califonia, Sacramento, and stay about a week at my father's friend's place. Also I cant forget about Nana, I will be staying one or two days with Nana, my friend who lives in San Fran, and who works for google. This will be my second time in San Fran and I guess i will have time to check outGoogle.

April 16, 2006

Train from Duluth to Twin Cities

I was watching NBC news and was able to listen to very exciting news conference. After listening to it I felt living in Duluth will not be bad at all. Minnesota Rail Road Authority is trying to establish a train service from Duluth to Twin Cities, Minnesota. This is a great idea. When I first moved to Duluth I was surprise not to see a train service from Twin Cities to Duluth. During the show people they said Amtrak had a train service from Twin Cities to Duluth but it the last train ran on Easter Sunday 1985.

April 13, 2006

Trip of the year

Indi, Shafraz, and I were planning on a trip to Miami South beach. We started to look around the deals but didn't put real effort into it. Finally we made a conference call and decided that we are going to stick to a budget and finalizing the trip. So Last night we bought the package. We are going to Miami, but I can tell the date since I am traveling with my High Profile Friends Swami (AKA Trump Jr), Dj Cool Shef.....

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