August 13, 2007

Eyewitness on storm

It was 2am on Saturday morning I got up from the noise which was produced by the wind. I went to my patio door to check out side and what I saw was unbelievable. My apartment complex is surrounded by trees and most of them are grownup large trees. During the time of the storm most of the big trees were spinning and I felt they might fly and come towards to the apartment.

After half hour I went to bed and when I got up I took a walk to see the if there were any damages. I was right, three which was close to my backyard patio was brought down my the wind. Not only that few tree which were on the front side of the apartment complex have got the same treatment by the wind. Few cars were damaged my the trees. I am glad no one got injured. More than anything most frustrating after effect of the storm was not having internet or cable for two days. It took almost two day for Comcast to give internet and cable to city of Eagan.


July 24, 2007

Sailing in Bayfield

Just got back from a awesome sailing trip, We did some great sailing most of the time wind was on our favor except the time we had 2-3 feet high waves. But the second day morning the might lake superior was so quite. We had our boat anchor Oakland island as usual I had to take a dip before we take off... Nature is no strange no matter how hard you study you will never find a reason for somethings... Love the nature and do everything that you can to protect it, because without it.... I cant imagine....!

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