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Kyle, Donald G. Spectacles of Death in Ancient Rome. London: Routledge, 1998. Print.

In Donald G. Kyle's Spectacles of Death in Ancient Rome, Kyle explored how citizens of Rome would have viewed the blood shows, gladiatorial combats, and animal hunts. He challenges our modernized western lenses that would shutter at the thought of cheering on violence and stats that "we have to look at them [the games] in their own light". Kyle also examines how popular the games were, people from all social classes came. The seating arrangement of the arena was actually used as showing a hierarchical way of society. Also, Kyle highlights that there was no simply no widespread opposition to the games, in fact, sometimes complaints were made about the lack of money going into the event .Kyle emphasizes how and why the games were important to the Roman citizens and that death was comforting to them, while asking the reader to look at their world differently without judgment or comparison to our modern one.

"Ancient Roman Chariot Races." Ancient Roman Chariot Races. N.p., n.d. Web. 18 Nov. 2012. .

In the online article "Ancient Roman Chariot Races" I found a lot more specifics about the chariot riders and the types of Chariots themselves. I liked this article because it was more specific and helped me narrow my focus a little more. Charioteers wore leather helmet, kneepads, and shin pads. They also wore colored tunics that were colored according to their team. Horses would also be magnificently decorated; even their manes would be threaded with pearls. Chariots that were drawn by two horses were called "bigae" and those drawn by four horse were "quadrigae". Trumpets started races, and when the cheering ceased a handkerchief called "mappa" would be dropped from the imperial box. A full race included seven laps, and there could be as many as twelve competitors. The racers could make a huge fortune through winnings and could be the equivalent of Roman millionaires.

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