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This week I have been focused on trying to find a balance between finding specifics, narrowing my scope, but also keeping in mind some of the bigger questions about ancient roman spectacle. The first part of the book that I read was Donald G. Kyle's Spectacles of Death in Ancient Rome, this had a lot of good information, but not many specifics. It focused on bigger questions like- why Roman were so comfortable with death? How can we begin to dissect ancient roman spectacles when it is so different from the way our modern world works? This book even highlighted that philosophers, like Seneca, weren't really bothered with death, they were just concerned with that the public was okay with viewing it. They were also an avid part of the audience. The other article that I read was much more specific about the racers themselves. I read about the clothes that they wore and what this meant, the specifics about the race itself, and how racers were treated. This helped me as I feel like I want to just focus on something like the racers themselves and how they trained and their significance at the time. I still think I need to get to a more specific place with my research. This research highlighted the fact that in acting we also have to take off our modern lenses to dissect a character and society that is very different than our own.

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Sounds like you have a good project: getting more specific about the chariot races. To do this, consider asking the following questions: How are the chariot races like theatre events? What is theatrical about these races? How do these races relate to the other kinds of spectacles that my group members are researching?

If you continue to deepen your engagement with the sources you find and answer those questions, then your individual blog grade will continue to go up. I want to make sure that your connecting this information to your group's main focus.

Grade: 90%

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