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This week we have been focusing on getting the script of our presentation outlined and specified. We have pooled together different aspects of our research to add to the script, but focused on the event of Anicius's games. We have Anicius as the main speaker during this event which is based off of an actual event that we researched. We are focusing on the music behind the event, chariot racing (which is mainly what I researched about) animal hunts, public executions, and gladiator fights. At the end we will explain the significance of these spectacles and how it isn't theater. These week has been interesting for me because I have learned more about the other topics that I didn't research such as animal hunt, and gladiatior fights from my group members. I am hoping that our idea of an interactive skit will work, because I think it will make the presentation more lively and exciting to watch...just like the games would have been.

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I can say the same thing about this entry as I did for another of your group members: Looking back at this third entry from the present moment (i.e., after the final presentation), everything looks intriguing. The risk your taking with the performance may be worth it...I'm looking forward to your final reflection to see your own reflection on the matter.

Given the in-process nature of this entry, however, it's difficult to assess your thinking. How can you keep the scholarly focus on the previous two entries even as you approach the final product?

Grade for this entry: 85%

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