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It's actually pretty awesome how well we are working as a group, and how well things are working in "narrowing" our scope. The further research we are doing will be quite a help to us I think. By narrowing, we were able to come up with a bunch of specificities that weren't immediately obvious- such as our time span perhaps being a little too long... what wars were or weren't during what might be considered the time period we are looking at (Roman Empire)... what a spectacle is (or what we were going to call it)... I think we are on the right track. It was easier than we might have thought to come up with some sources- it was also interesting to disregard sources as well. I'm used to becoming so attached to anything that may seem relevant that it seemed out of place to just be like, well nope we don't need that. We utilized a bit of google books, a bit of JSTOR or Project Muse and even the actual library itself. Though, it did seem odd that some of the books we were interested in looking at were checked out.

For the next bit of class, what I will be specifically looking at is The Roman Empire- what it is, the time span... what else is going on that might be applicable to our project.

One helpful source I have found so far (besides the ever-faithful Wikipedia) is

The website has a lot of helpful links. While .net is more of a reliable source than a .com, it also looks like it might need some double checking on complete historical fact.

The Roman Empire [Imperivm Romanvm] took place between 27 BC - 476 AD; this is part of the Western Roman Empire... it is also of note that the Byzantine Empire is mentioned, but that that takes place in 1453. The Roman Empire "was the post-Republican period of ancient Roman civilization, characterized by an autocratic form of government..." they held land in the Mediterranean- Europe, Africa and Asia.

The Roman Republic came before (500 years preceding) had been destroyed by civil wars.
Things that also created changes:
* Julius Caesar-- dictator
* battle of Acticum (2 September 31 BC)
* honorific Augustus to Octavian by Roman Senate (16 January 27 BC)

First two centuries of Empire were prosperous and known as the Pax Romana (Roman Peace), reaching it's greatest expanse during the reign of Trajan (98-117AD)....

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Great enthusiasm. I think the comments I gave to your group as a whole are equally applicable to your blog entries. Strive for more specificity. Move from a six hundred year span of time to a specific day, battle, war, etc. Zoom waaaayyy in.

A great idea for focusing your journal entries is to locate an argument or idea in a book or article and then unpack it/work through it/ask questions about it. Utilize the research material that your group has started to collect. I would like you to do this for your next entry.

Also, make sure you preview your entries before posting them. I see a few clipped sentences. And I'm not sure that .net is actually more legitimate than .com, but you are right to check all of your sources.

Grade: 85%

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