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The project really seems to have been coming together- I'm actually pretty excited for the amount of audience participation that we have. The signs seem like a really cool idea- it could make for an overabundance of rowdiness- though we seem to have accepted this, since it would make it seem more like the world. Every class period we tend to have something to add and something to live without, and I think this is a good thing as well. We are evolving and coming to a more solidified answer each class period, and that's pretty awesome. I'm sure we will come up with a few other ideas or distinctions we want to make after we see a couple of presentations. Though this might be true, it is also important to know we don't want to be willing to change too much for too long, or we won't be sure of our own presentation content.

This particular process of research undertaken in this group project has helped bring to light that a lot of things in life require communication and the willingness to be flexible.

We all ended up researching pretty different things, but I think we did a really good job at integrating bits and pieces of everyones research.

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Ohhhh, you presented a great opportunity for deep thought in this entry but you didn't step into it all the way. I love the second paragraph. What particularly are you thinking about? What requires communication? Why should you be flexible as opposed to rigid in your ideas?

Keep thinking!

Grade for this: 88%

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