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Elizabethan Theatre-Marlowe
I thoroughly enjoyed the layout of their powerpoint, it wasn't just the same old google backgrounds. That made some of the content more interesting. I liked that they used references like Dr Faustus. However, I would say that it might have been better if they used a different piece of work than Dr Faustus, since most people have read/heard of Dr Faustus. Though, Dr Faustus did relate to happenings in Marlowe's life in many ways. The most interesting part to me was any information about him specifically. It always kind of seems like a behind the scenes type thing to me.

Russian Theatre (Before 1750)
I LOVED how they talked about the HUGE gap in history or research, and it was an extremely nice touch that they were the first googled items. I learned that there was a lot of history missing mostly because of wanting to separate from the west... and then wanting to get back with the west. Then the death of the man that was for-grounding that. I would ideally hope to learn more about was actually written, but since it hadn't been translated, there wasn't much else the group could have done about it.

I liked that they asked us to go away with something to think about- left a lot of interpretation to the viewers. It was definitely interesting that they related it to real life examples, or at least ones that we could potentially identify with a little more easily. Knowing that there are indigenous tribes and the like isn't so odd to people of our generation, but knowing that the Clintons had gone there... and that the masks had a different connotation than simply including them in the festivities. There wasn't much else I would have wanted to know about- I think they covered their bases pretty thoroughly.

Ancient Roman Spectacle
Like Jane, I found this comment from a peer interesting- that and it is also something similar to what Will had said: "I enjoyed the Roman presentation, I was indeed entertained, but I can't tell you what I learned because there was a lot going on. There is a fine line between having too much information and not enough; as well as enough entrainment to keep people engaged but not so much that the content isn't taken seriously." I understand that making a spectacle may have been a little too spectacular. I agree that some of our research may have been lost in trying to make our presentation interesting, but I also have to say that I'm really, really happy that we didn't just rely on a powerpoint. We did, honestly try to keep ourselves in check on if the information was okay, too much, or too little. We also had an issue with time- the first time we ran it it was only 10 minutes. I'm not entirely sure how we could have fixed that in a better way- we added the video clip and explained some photos, so that was certainly helpful. It might have been a little difficult to keep track of since we were talking in such short bursts, and I guess it is quite normal for people to talk faster when they are nervous.

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Thanks for taking the time to comment on each group. I really appreciate that. Regarding your self-critique, I think you continue to reflect on this: you study performance in other classes, and one of things you learn (I imagine) is how to guide your audience through the worlds you create with theatrical expression. When you invite an audience into a theatrical world, you have to give them guidelines for how to interpret that world. I think your group could have attended more carefully to the method of guiding your audience. Your decision not to use powerpoint or prezi was bold, and I applaud that. At the same time, I think the choice to perform something was only the beginning of a larger question: how will performance lead to an in-depth understanding of the topic at hand?

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