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Now that we have some more focus and some awesome source material I've started focusing on how the culture of ancient Rome effected their idea of entertainment and, therefore, spectacle. I'm finding some really interesting first person accounts of spectacle the took place because of celebration or to honor the Gods. One in particular focuses on a group of Grecian musicians and dancers that were captured after a Greek king was defeated and made to play for the Romans. The Romans were not used to this style of performance so the spectacle evolved into a huge brawl among the performers. This could be a very effective piece to try and emulate in our 20 minutes if we were successfully able to get the audience to play Romans and for ourselves to be the confused performers and try to get the audience to respond positively (like at a sporting event) when we start to fight. Then afterward to speculate on what may have made this situation possible due to culture and politics of the time.

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That certainly is some interesting source material. But I don't quite understand. The Romans invited thousands of people to watch Greek musicians play their instruments? What did they think was going to happen? It would be great if you took a bit more time to set the scene of this event.

If you decide to adapt a performance like this for your presentation, you might consider offering some context for the class. Just as I'm a bit confused here, they too might not understand what's happening.

I'd still like you to go into some more detail or at least provide enough context in these individual entries for me to get a clearer understanding of the material you're thinking about.

Grade: 88%

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