Grace's Blog- 11/29

I am very excited for our presentation and think it will be a fun way to wrap up this project. We plan on having the majority of our time dedicated to a re-creation of the spectacle I talked about in my last blog- that of the Grecian musicians being sent to play in the Circus Maximus after being captured and having to fight when the crowd didn't approve of their music. To start we will have Anicius, the general that captured the musicians and put on the celebration, to be the primary teller or information. We'll have his part played by 2 or 3 people so everyone is equally represented. Anicius will give the necessary background information to set up the spectacle. We also plan to keep the audience highly engaged by driving the point across that they are a drunken Roman audience and telling them how to react. As the spectacle that took place was pretty confusing itself, we will have a professor character ask and answer questions at the end relating to why this may or may not have taken place and how it represented ancient Roman spectacle at the time. We will also have that character explain our thesis of spectacle being a separate entity than theater using examples from the spectacle we had just seen.

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