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To try and find a focus I started looking up the idea of a circus as a spectacle in Ancient Rome because it seemed like a good potential place for both violent spectacle and theater to intertwine. What I ended up finding a lot of information on the Circus Maximus, which was a structure in Rome during the era we have decided to focus on: 100 BCE-400 CE. It housed chariot races and gladiator fights, but also Ludi Scaenici, or theatrical performances. I haven't found yet if there were scripted plays by any of the three playwrights we as a group are trying to focus on.

I plan to continue to try and find connections between the "circus" and legitimate and saved works from Plautus, Terence, or Seneca, along with more general information on how these performances were received by the public and how they related to politics of the specific time period they were written or introduced.

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I think you're headed in the right direction. A great idea for focusing your journal entries is to locate an argument or idea in a book or article and then unpack it/work through it/ask questions about it. In other words, in your next entry, I'd like to see some more specificity. Utilize the research material that your group has started to collect.

Also, keep in mind that "circus" means "circle" in Rome. The Roman circus, then, isn't related directly to the contemporary circus. As you've discovered, the Circus Maximus ("Big Circle") was a place that housed many different types of spectacles and performances.

Grade: 85%

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