Grace's Blog- 12/11

Marlow- The powerpoint itself was very interesting to watch and the group's energy was engaging. I think the information could have been boiled down to more of an essence, there was a lot of information and it was almost too much to process.

Russian Theater- They unapologetically said that they could not find any information about this point in the history of Russian theater. The presentation itself was very interesting and despite having a rough topic I personally was still very engaged and could see the ties between history and theater. This group was completely successful in showing the political and social ties to theater and why there would be no theater at a certain time in history. I was easily able to follow their logic which kept me engaged and taught me a lot.

Mexican Indigenous: I don't remember very much from this presentation because I got bored. Maybe it was the tone or the layout or a lack of energy, maybe it was just bad luck that they were after the break, but I was not very engaged. I did like the ties between historic and present day theater and how it has changed/remained unchanged.

Ancient Roman Spectacle- From the start we didn't want our presentation to be another powerpoint and with the theme of spectacle it was easy to translate into more of a performance. I think we were highly successful in getting the class to gain the mentality of an ancient Roman, but we were not so successful in actually explaining that the purpose of spectacle was to get the Romans thinking in a "mob mentality" kind of way so they would support political power. And while we did show (fairly accurately) the spectacle of 166 BC we didn't explain that it did actually happen and why it may have played out the way it did. I can understand why someone would believe that we had just made it up. Overall our presentation was highly engaging and "spectacle-esque" we didn't make as many connections and give as many concrete explanations for what was going on and why.

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While I appreciate the gesture of commenting on each of the groups, I think your quick recaps stop short of thorough analysis. As such, the comments you offer here don't help me understand much about either the theatre-historical nature of the presentation topics or the research process. For example, you point to a disconnect between form and content in the Marlowe presentation. What's the relationship between "interesting to watch" and "too much to process"? You're introducing a fascinating idea that you don't follow up on. Another example: you mention getting bored during the Indigenous Mexican presentation but you don't explain anything about the content of that presentation.

I bring these points up because, as I mentioned in my feedback to your group, there were problems with the relationship between form and content in your own performance. You mention these issues a bit here, which I'm happy about.

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