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I'll use this blog as progress report. We have narrowed down our argument, main ideas and specific event and are all pleased with the things that we have chosen to present and how we've chosen to present them and now are at the point where we need to actually make documents of the words we are going to use in presentation form and start to plan out the timing of our presentation. The phrase "Anything that can go wrong will" keeps popping into my head when working on this presentation so I'm trying to rally our group together to make sure we know who will be talking about what and when. Watching the presentations today I was surprised at the straightforward powerpoint and notecard approach used my all groups are grew slightly worried that we might be getting in over our heads with a "performance" presentation, but we also have a week more to get it together.
Our layout looks like this right now:

1.5 minutes for handing out invitations

2 mintues: Anicius: Welcome Roman Citizens! (applause sign) As you see by red sash, I am your fearless general Lucius Anicius here before you, fresh off the battlefields of Greece. I have taken prisoner Genthius, king of the Illyrians (boo sign), his children (boo sign), and the most celebrated stage-artists from Greece.

2 minutes: (Anicius switch)
Anicius: These minstrels have been brought forth to perform their Grecian version of performance for you. If you aren't aware, the Grecians are not as spirited as us Romans (Applause sign). Earlier today in this, the great Circus Maximus (indicate room) you have witnessed:

5 minuets for explanation and example:
Chariot Racing (example and applause sign):
Gladiator Fights: (example and applause):
Animal Fights (example and applause):

But now, a temporary stage has been constructed for these captive musicians to perform for you. Let us start with the pipers.

3-5 mintues:
(Pipers "play" a song)
(audience "boo sign)
Aunicius: You aren't playing well!!!!! Show a more competitive spirit!!! These are Romans you are playing to!!! (drunken discontent sign)

Pipers: whaaa??!

Aunicius' assistant: "turn and go at each other, make it into a fight" (drunken discontent sign)

Pipers start to blow unintelligible and loud noises on their pipes and start to fight each other (audience applause sign) and (fight sign)

5 minutes: Possible final professor speech?
"Phil Lazario"
Explanation of the roman idea of spectacle/why it's not theater at the time/ and what "spectacle was"/why it happened CONNECTION TO POLITICS!

(The End sign)
(applause sign)

Our next step (which we can hopefully do over google docs) will be creating a "script" to be put onto notecards and dividing up the information we feel is important to present.

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Looking back at this third entry from the present moment (i.e., after the final presentation), everything looks intriguing. The risk your taking with the performance may be worth it...I'm looking forward to your final reflection to see your own reflection on the matter.

You mention the "straightforward" aspect of other presentations, but I wish you would have gone into more detail. You're commenting on the relation between form and content, which is very important.

Grade for this entry: 93%

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