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This past week, we've been working on making all of our information and research meld together into a single presentation, that will not exceed 20 minutes. We are also trying to keep our initial goals for our presentation intact; not being a simple "lecture," employing audience participation and presenting the information in a theatrical as well as informative manner.

We did edit a part of our original idea, by deciding to not move the audience to a different location. This was due to the importance and preciousness of time and the unpredictability of weather. Our process for creating this consisted of an in-person meeting and discussion in class and then over the weekend Google docs helped us out tremendously. By Sunday, we had all the content of what we wanted to discuss and the only thing we had left was to rehearse and finally scope out the rest of our performance.

Personally, I feel good about what we've done so far! I think we've edited properly, but kept our goals intact. I also feel like we've done a great job on focusing on a main point in our research---choosing a particular historical event to highlight what we believe ancient Roman spectacle was---and also highlighting each individuals research within that main event. I believe this format will be not only accessible and educational for our audience, but hopefully entertaining as well.

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Given the in-progress nature of this entry, it’s difficult to comment on your thought process. I’d like to see a bit more attention paid to the way process and product relate to or interfere with each other in these final stages.

Grade: 85%

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