Presentation Ideas

* signs --- ( saying "boo" "fight" "cheer" "cheer louder!" )
* music --- greek minstrel music .... gladiator battle music (subject to change)
* speaker is the political figure announcing what is happening
*kind of --- Man of La Mancha story telling section....
*166 BC - Gallus was general
* portrayal of greeks vs. romans? how do we differentiate
* instruments / fake instruments --- harp-like / string instruments
* using blood.....bloodshed representation
* greeks respond to music at beginning and respond to bloodshed
* Action going on that shows the narration; example, foreign animal fights who's meat was handed out to the audience members.
*Why Romans went to the spectacle? - blood -food -revelry
*TIME LINE: Political background of the story: the king, greece vs roman, who the musicians were; then describe what kind of spectacles they use to introduce current spectacle they're about to see; spectacle!; audience reaction; further information
-Using the Roman General as a device to "control" the audience/help ensure audience participation
-Ending; everyone ends up dead

Gallus---our main speaker; use costumes as a way to signify who he is.

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