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May 23, 2005

Third Using Data Book Released

Victoria Bernhardt has alerted us that her new book, "Using Data to Improve Student Learning in High Schools," is now available through her publisher, Eye on Education.

Dr. Bernhardt presented her work on data-driven decision making at the January 20, 2005, ULA workshop.

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FCW: Government 2.0

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From Eggers: Government 2.0

"Students can now get personally tailored education without attending special schools or classes. It's even possible to eliminate much of the guesswork involved in deciding which learning approach works best for each student. Using artificial intelligence, the computer can adapt to the pace, complexity and direction of the learning experience according to each child's learning style and attention span. Children in the same classroom could learn different things in different ways at the same time."

Eggers writes that governments need to look to technology to transform their structures to operate more competitively and efficiently. Markets can change overnight, but governments, by design, cannot. Should they?

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May 7, 2005

Image from March 3 ULA workshop with Dennis Sparks

dennis sparks.JPG

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