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Building a Dream

Without the constraints of assignment and cost, I would design something that has always been a dream of mine. I enjoy the outdoors and have a great passion for natural surroundings. One place I love to travel every summer is into the wilderness of northern minnesota. We do not bring electronics, motors, or anything modern for that matter. We bring along basic camping supplies and forget the busy lives we all live day to day. When in the wilderness people forget about their problems and make a connection with what is surrounding them. My dream design would be to build a house featuring nothing but supplies from the wilderness. Build it with trees rocks and the local materials. It would be an establishment that would connect with nature on an enormous level. It would not be something large, just the essentials. A place to sleep, read, and cook meals.


Living within the serenity of nature and designing something to fit right in would be the ultimate dream. I look forward to traveling there every summer to escape a stressful life. Fishing whenever one wants and exploring untraveled land is something that helps one appreciate nature.


This design is built well within the realms of nature and is something that I would consider designing something similar.