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The Surge of Art in our Environment

Well this is my third attempt at trying to add a video to my blog and it still has not seemed to cooporate. Each attempt I somehow lost all of my progress. I guess I will find something of equal importance to imply. Anyway, I think it is important to identify the things around us with things of meaning and importance. In Andy Goldsworthy's film, Rivers and Tides, a depiction of nature and what it is equipped with is portrayed by Mr. Goldsworthy. He adapts the natural resources around him to form abstract concepts that make things efficient and interesting. If Andy's film was made in a civilized modern setting, I think it would have little impact on the idea of the film. Although he is surrounded by the serene nature in his movie being surrounded by buildings, technology, and people may have more inspiration in his work. I think he could have found similar ideas throughout a city as he did in the wilderness. An example of this is the following image. It contains a nail-biting traffic jam that depicts a serious effect of flow. The heavy congestion in this environment could also be displayed in the wilderness by using some creativity.
traffic jam.jpg

The following video has an interesting portrayal of the downtown minneapolis area. It is quite interesting to see the city from another poinof view. It allows us to see the geometry found throughout the city.
I have come to realize that this answering this blog prompt can have several interpretations. When it was first assigned I had to sit and think, what things is my professor striving for in our answers. The idea can be taken literally by actually finding the flow and energy found in the city. This is easy to do by describing a river or electricity because it literally fits the meaning. However I thought for some time on ways to interpret the idea and find ideas of flow and energy in the beauty and gracefulness of our man made objects. This is different and similar to what Goldsworthy accomplished in his film. He had he same idea in mind except he was not offered the man made objects. He made the same interpretations but in the natural world. Both aspects of discovering this topic should be explored to understand the full meaning of flow in our environment.