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Buildings Among Us

The environment in which a person is raised and shaped has an enormous impact on who that person is today. There are obvious reasons for this. A person raised in a village in the middle of the Amazon rainforest is going to have a very different perspective on life than a person who was raised in the middle of downtown New York City. I think the way I have been raised contains a fairly balanced portion of surviving in the wild along with surviving in the city. I grew up hunting and fishing and exploring the countryside but now I have begun to explore the internal parts of the city.

blog 5 amazon.jpg
The amazing structure found within the adaptations of the Amazon culture.

blog 5 city.jpg
The beautiful skyline of a well adapted culture fueled by economics and business firms.

The time period in which a person is raised also has a large influence on who they have become. I think being raised in the present of today creates a person that is very technologically savvy and has little appreciation for the natural environment still found on the planet. A person raised one hundred years ago would have a much larger appreciation for the element of nature in their lives.

blog 5 colonial.jpg
This picture illustrates the type of house people lived in one hundred or more years ago. This can be compared with the image above of the city and how modern this worl has become.