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May 1, 2008

MDG Reflections

Today during lecture was a well done presentation on ensuring environmental sustainability. The presentation was pertaining to low income housing in the minneapolis area. One reason why this presentation caught my attention was because of its relevance to where I live and attend school. It analyzed the familar Riverside towers just beyond the west bank of campus. I had no idea that these housing towers were at one point for the wealthy people living in the area. Today the building looks very rundown and in need of improvement. The ideas that this group presented also seemed very legitmate and possible. The cost of improvement might cost a bit but it would pay for itself in the long run. I also liked the ideas incorporated by "going green" in other buildings across the country. The idea of reuing grey water supplies seems very possible and efficient. Overall this was the best presentation I have seen so far.

I also liked the presentation that a group in my discussion had presented last week. It involved the same goal of ensuring environmental sustainability. They introduced an unfamiliar idea to me relating oil and a neighboring country of Canada. The explained the idea of British Petroleum Corporation drilling into Canada in a unique way to extract useable fuels from the uninhabitated territiories of Canada. Although BP explains that their efforts are in response to the worlds attempt to "go green," the group clearly illustrated the idea that they are doing more harm than good for the environment. The way the oil is extracted uses more fuel in the process of doing so than what is obtained in the end. This makes no sense and in no way is apart of going green.

Both of these presentations were very well thought out and presented in a clear manner. Both presentations brought to my attention the reality of how much pollution is entering the atmosphere. These presentations also illustrated valid ways of helping to make the earth green once again as it was just a few hundred years ago before factories and automobiles were created.