Here's your sign

First off, let me apologize for the long break, it's hard to get into a roll of something new. So, here's to a better blog... stay tuned.

"Here's your sign" is a phase made popular by Bill Engvall through routines at comedy clubs. He related that people should wear a 'stupid sign' when they ask a silly question do some silly behavior. His response to these seemingly stupid questions and actions was simply "Here's your sign." Now I'm not going to be giving out stupid signs, but rather something else. When I hear someone ask about if they can recycle something, I can point out a sign for them, and it's really quite easy to find yourself.

Take a look around, you'll be surprise how many times you can see this nice 'sign.' Take this cup for example. I got it from Evergreen Grill. You might think it's trash material, but in fact it can be recycled.

recycle cup.jpg
So what's the reason for bringing this up? Well Recyclemania is a nation-wide recycling competition that we as a campus are competing in. See their website. Recycling is something we should do anyways, but this competition makes it all the better reason to pick up that habit. Next time you have a question about recycling, you can often find out for yourself.

Here's your sign.

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