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Spring Break is Here!!!!

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Can you believe it? Spring break is only a few hours away from beginning- or has already began for quite a few students today (lucky!). This semester, actually this whole year has been flying by. I know that I need a week off from classes, I'm sure you all need to as well!

During the CSA Full Board meeting today, there was plenty of discussion on a few major topics, including: residential life, budget crisis, campus master plan, and several events at UMC which are quickly approaching.

Anyways, I will make this posting short since the last one was quite long, hopefully I did not put you to sleep!

Everyone have a fun, relaxing and safe spring break!!!!

p.s.- The next CSA Full Board Meeting is on March 25 at 12PM in Dowell Hall 225.

The CSA blog is back in action! We apologize for the lack of posts this year, but we promise there will be frequent posts for now on :)

     Recently, the CSA Executive Board has been working extremely hard on several different tasks. Last week we had Spring Convocation- which went extremely well! As Brittany Novak said last week, Convocation was a bit short and sweet, but that is how we like things here at UMC, right? Amber Evans-Daily spoke at last week's Convocation; touching on some important issues here on campus regarding retention- How can you help UMC to retain more students? Join a retention committee!! Ask Amber Evans-Daily or anyone from the CSA Executive board for more information in regards to joining a retention committee- we need your help students!

      Speaking of committees, the Student fees committee has decided to lower the student services fee for all full time students to $195.50 for the 2010-2011 academic year. This year we have been paying over $200 in student fees each semester, so next fall and spring we will be saving some green! On another note, members of the executive board- especially Greg Summers- has been working diligently on submitting recommendations for the Campus Master Plan. This "Master Plan" is basically UMC's outline of goals for development of new buildings and infrastructure. Currently, some recommendations include expansion and new construction projects of a wellness center/admissions center, academic sites, UTOC, athletic facilities, a new residence hall, and expansion of parking. Students and faculty/staff have until March 15th to submit any recommendations and comments in regards to the Campus Master Plan.

      As you know, the UMC campus is participating in Recyclemania. This is still going on, so remember to recycle everything that you can!


     This week, we will be taking nominations for faculty/staff awards. This includes 4 awards which are given out at the Student Awards Ceremony on Thursday, April 22. The 4 awards are: Outstanding Educator, Most supportive of students, most creative use of technology, and outstanding service to students. We will have nomination ballots located in Centennial front desk, and the Student center information desk from March 8-March 12, so remember to nominate a faculty/staff member!!!!

Some other events that are coming up brought to you by CSA are:

 - March 30: Faculty/Staff Appreciation Day

 - April 14: Campus Showdown 

 - April 22: Student Awards Ceremony



     This Thursday- March 11 at 12:00 PM we have our CSA Full Board Meeting in Dowell 225. Everyone is welcome to attend!!




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