Spring Break is Here!!!!

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Can you believe it? Spring break is only a few hours away from beginning- or has already began for quite a few students today (lucky!). This semester, actually this whole year has been flying by. I know that I need a week off from classes, I'm sure you all need to as well!

During the CSA Full Board meeting today, there was plenty of discussion on a few major topics, including: residential life, budget crisis, campus master plan, and several events at UMC which are quickly approaching.

Anyways, I will make this posting short since the last one was quite long, hopefully I did not put you to sleep!

Everyone have a fun, relaxing and safe spring break!!!!

p.s.- The next CSA Full Board Meeting is on March 25 at 12PM in Dowell Hall 225.

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I think that this CSA blog is a great idea for students to be able to convey their thoughts and opinions about concerns on campus. In saying that, one concern of mine is the discarding of cigarette butts on campus grounds. By the side gym exit with steps facing the Skyberg residence hall there is a big tree and hundreds of cigarettes underneath like a Christmas tree. It is evident that people are still smoking by that area, or at least discarding their cigarettes there. Smoking outposts are not a viable option because they give the perception it is okay to smoke on campus, but having the ability to extinguish cigarettes improperly okay by this tree also creates the perception it is okay simply because hundreds of butts are there.

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