Meet your Fall 2010 CSA Executive Board!

Meet your Fall 2010 CSA Executive Board!

President: Shawn Friedland

Vice-President: Anna Wagner

Secretary: Alisha Aasness

Treasurer: Eric Morgan

Regents Rep.: Lauren Snively

S.S.C.C. Rep.: Thomas Haarstick

S.P.A.C.E. Chair: Angie Bartholomew

C.S.S.D. Rep.: Jennifer Rasmussen

Senator Liaison: Brittany Novak

Senator for Committees: Joo Hyun "Julie" Bae

Senator for Recycling: Greg Summers

Senator for City Relations: Brandon Sachwitz

Senator for Elections & Events: Brooke Novak

Senator for Student Concerns: Adam Switzer

Senator for Community Service: Dae Yeul Lee

Senator for Constitution & Bylaws: Zach Hennings

Senator for International Relations: Nana Boaten

Advisor: Lisa Samuelson

Advisor: Ken Myers

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 CSA Group 1972.jpg

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