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Happy Holidays from CSA

The Crookston Student Association would like to wish everyone a Happy Holidays and very Happy New Year!!!!

Finals are here!

The Crookston Student Association would like to wish all students good luck on their finals!!

Winter Wonderland Pictures

Pictures from Santa Land, part of Crookston's "Winter Wonderland." This is a yearly tradition that CSA puts together along with several clubs from UMC. This year we sure had great success. Thank you all CSA members who helped out with this event and all of the clubs who participated!





CSA Update- Week of November 29th-December 3rd

Hi, Thomas Haarstick here. I'm your Student Senate Consultative Committee Representative on the CSA Board. What does that long named position mean? Well, I attend several meetings throughout the semester by phone or video conference that deal with the University of Minnesota system wide Student Senate and University Senate. As Student Website states: "The Student Senate is the University of Minnesota's internal governance body representing all students at the Crookston, Duluth, Morris, and Twin Cities campuses." The Student Senate works to ensure a student voice in University decisions of policy and process. The University Senate is just a larger body including both student and faculty/staff. Anywho, that's about my position on CSA, now onto a few other things. It's already DECEMBER?! Yep, and it is Friday the 3rd. In just under two weeks it will be the end of the semester. The younger students out there might be wondering how the semester dragged on so long, but I find myself wondering, where did it go? CSA works to put on several events throughout the semester. Recently, Commuter Student Appreciation Day was held. Winter Wonderland is being held in the community today and the CSA along with several clubs are helping put on Santa Land. It begins at 5pm at the Presbyterian Church in town.

I want to wish everyone the best of luck finished up the rest of the semester. As a CSA member, I want to remind everyone that the CSA Executive board is here to serve you! If there is anything you would like to see us work towards or have any issues that need to be addressed, please let us know. Another reminder, the final Full Board meeting will be held on December 9th at noon in Dowell 225. Rumor is there will be a special treat at the meeting. I hope to see all the club representatives there for the final meeting!

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