Meet your Spring 2011 CSA Executive Board

Spring 2011 - CSA Executive Board

President: Shawn Friedland

Vice-President: Anna Wagner

Secretary: Alisha Aasness

Treasurer: Eric Morgan

Board of Regent's Representative: Lauren Snively

Student Consultative Committee Representative: Thomas Haarstick

S.P.A.C.E. Chair: Angie Bartholomew

C.S.S.D. Representative: Jennifer Rasmussen

Senator of Elections and Special Events: Brooke Novak

Senator of Committee on Committees: Joo Hyun Bae

Senator of Student Concerns: Adam Switzer

Senator Liaison: Brittany Novak

Senator of Constitution and Bylaws: Anthonette Sims

Senator of International Relations: Nana Boaten

Senator of Community Service: Dae Yeul Lee

Senator of City Relations: Christina Lenhart

Senator of Recycling: Tim Knudson

Staff Advisor: Lisa Samuelson

Faculty Advisor: Ken Myers

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