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Faculty/Staff Awards Nomination

Students, Come and Nominate Faculty/Staff for four Awards: Most Creative Use of Technology (Faculty), Outstanding Educator (Faculty), Most Supportive of Students (Faculty), and Outstanding Service to Students (Staff). Nominations are accepted at the International Lounge from 10AM-2PM, and Throughout the week at the Centennial Front Desk and Information Desk. 

CSA Update- Week of February 14th - February 18th

Hello all! This is Angie Bartholomew, S.P.A.C.E. Chair. Currently, CSA is focusing on getting students involved in "Because Letters"--writing notes to their legislators stating why UMC is so important to them and their education. If you are interested in writing a letter, stop by the CSA Office in the Leadership Room (2nd floor of the Student Center). Support the U Day is coming up, next Tuesday, February 22nd. Support the U day involves a day long trip down to the Capital building in St. Paul where a rally is held and meetings with Minnesota legislators. If you are interested in attending Support the U Day, contact Thomas Haarstick or Shawn Friedland. As for upcoming SPACE events, we have a busy week next week! On Monday, February 21st, we have Austin Kyle performing in the Northern Lights Lounge from 11:30am-1:00pm so make sure to stop out and see him! On Wednesday, February 23rd, we have Mr. UMC going on, beginning at 7pm in Kiehle Auditorium. Mr. UMC is a male pageant-like competition, and this year we have seven contestants competing. The theme this year is Axe Men: Men In Flannel. It should be a great show, so make sure you attend!! The following Wednesday, March 2nd , Chapter 6 will be on campus. They are an all male a cappella  group, that have an amazing sound and are also quite humorous on stage. They will be performing at 7pm in Kiehle on March 2nd, come by and check them out!


I would also like to let everyone know about the Honor program being put on by BSA to celebrate Black History Month. It is on Monday, February 28th from 6pm-8pm in Kiehle Auditorium and it is a program dedicated to honoring the African-American men and women who have fought and served in the United States military. Make sure to participate in this event and show your support by wearing a yellow ribbon.


Enjoy the weekend and I hope to see you out at the several upcoming events around campus!!


Because Letters

Come and write a "Because" letter Monday- Wednesday this week from 10AM-1PM in the Northern Lights Lounge. Tell your Representatives and Senators why the University of Minnesota matters to U!


CSA Update- Week of February 7th - February 11th

Hello everyone!! I'm Dae Yeul "Danny" Lee, CSA Senator for Community Service. As you all know, we are in a difficult time because of the state budget cuts. As a yearly tradition, CSA is going to go the State Capital to support the University of Minnesota by participating in a Rally at the Capitol and talking with state legislators on February 22nd. So, if anyone wants to show their support for the U of M, students can join our "Support U Day" trip- contact Thomas Haarstick to sign up! Also, CSA would like to encourage you to write a "Because Letter" card for support University of Minnesota system. CSA will set up a "Because Letter" table at the student center during Monday, February 14th - Wednesday, February 16th, from 10AM-1PM in the Northern Lights Lounge. Please come and support University of Minnesota and write a letter to your state senator and legislators. Also, What's on Wednesday (W.O.W Event) next week? SPACE will be hosting the Mr. UMC contest!! Would you like to know who becomes this year's Mr. UMC? Come and Check it out on February 23rd at 7:00 PM in Kiehle!!!

CSA Update- Week of January 31st - February 4th

Greetings UMC students, faculty, and staff!,


This is Anthonette Sims, Senator for Constitution & Bylaws. CSA has been working very hard and efficiently to better service both the students and the community of UMC! As you all know, the University is facing some difficult financial challenges. To ensure that we get the maximum amount of support offered, CSA has become actively involved in urging students to write "Because Letters". These letters will be sent to legislators to show how important the "U" is to the entire community of Crookston and the State of Minnesota. We are also working very hard to reconstruct the CSA Constitution and Bylaws! We encourage all students to vote on our new Constitution in a few weeks so that we can ensure that CSA is serving the students to the best of our abilities. Students, staff and faculty, alumni and volunteers will join with other U of M supporters at the Minnesota State Capitol for Support the U Day on Tuesday, February 22nd. Hundreds of University supporters from across the state will be at the Capitol urging legislators to support the University's legislative requests and sharing their personal University-related stories. If you would like to be a part of this great opportunity to get your voice heard, contact any of the CSA Executive Board members!

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