CSA Update- Week of February 28th - March 4th

This is Anna, Vice President- and I've been working on the awards committee lately.  CSA is responsible for 4 faculty/staff awards: Most Creative Use of Technology for faculty, Outstanding Educator for faculty, Most Supportive of Students for faculty, and Outstanding Service to Students for staff.  Each of these awards are given out on April 14th during UMC Awards Night and they are a big honor for the faculty or staff to receive.  Last week CSA had a table in the International Lounge and boxing at the Info Desk and Centennial for students to nominate the faculty and staff that they felt were the most deserving.  The nominations have been tallied and those who received the most nominations were put into the ballot to be voted on this week.  I encourage everyone to come to the International Lounge from 10-2 on Monday March 7th and Tuesday March 8th to vote for the faculty/staff awards.  

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