CSA Update- Week of April 4th- April 8th

                Hey everybody! This is Senator of City Relations, Christina! We have had a busy week on campus! Elections for the 2011-2012 CSA Executive Board were held on Monday, April 4 & Tuesday, April 5. The results are in and the results are:


·         President: Alisha Aasness

·         Vice-President: Jackie Dullinger

·         Secretary: Hannah Frey

·         Treasurer: Dae Yeul "Danny" Lee

·         Regents Representative: Kate Holmquist

·         Senator: Abbey Wemimo

·         Senator: Adam Switzer

·         Senator: Anthonette Sims

·         Senator: Brooke Novak


                Congratulations on your positions! Also, the changes to the CSA Constitution were passed on Monday April 4th with a full student body vote. 

                Today- Thursday April 7th CSA hosted the Commons event with Marty Essen's "Around the World in 90 Minutes." It sure was an interesting show he put on!

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